1979 Pontiac Trans Am • 39,900 miles

I had a rebuilt 400 install in my car it sound ok at first but the car had no power so a couple of mechanics told me it was a carbuator so I took it to a garage that deals with carbuators and they adjust the choke because the carb has a electric choke and the motoe has a manuel but anyway their now is a rattling sound in the back of the motor it almost sounds like a rod knock is their something else it could be the guy who install it said their was no compression in number 1 cyclinder and he lash the values any help would be apreciated thank you
March 18, 2013.

If there is rod knock, (and you are sure that is what it is) there is something wrong. Pull the oil pan and take a look. Pull the crank if needed. You could also pull the head. If its not getting compression, I would start with the head. The only real way to tell whats up is to dis assemble a few things and take a look.

Hoping for the best.

Good luck

Mar 19, 2013.