1978 Fiat 124 • 4 cylinder 2WD Manual • 113,500 miles

I am better versed on American cars and my 78 Fiat Spider is givingn me fits. It has ran fine for several years but developed a starter issue lately. I have installed a rebuilt starter with new solenoid and it started & ran fine until operating temp and then the tach goes to 0 and engine dies. It starts again and same thing, then next time it just clicks when key is turned. So I rock it in 5th gear and it starts & then does same thing again but then bendix gear starts to stay engaged to flywheel. Any ideas? Starter and flyw. Gear teeth are not in bad shape.
August 15, 2011.

Check the starter relay if it has one, also clutch switch and ignition switch

Aug 15, 2011.