1972 Chevrolet Nova • V8 2WD Automatic • 98,000 miles

I am having some noise that seems to come from the oil pan a clinking noise as if somethings loose. Then I pulled the valve covers and saw no oil being pumped from the push rods on the passenger side. With a chirping sound.A rattling noise as if a nut was loose in the pan. Pls help me. I dont have a tapping or knocking from valves though. When I crunk it there was some tightness before it caught and turned over. Thank u very much
February 18, 2011.

Have your oil pressure checked. You should have oil coming through the pushrods. It can either be bad lifters, low oil pressure or a bunch of other things. If yohave anoise coming from the pan, jack the engine up and pull the pan off to see what the problem is.

Feb 23, 2011.