1970 Ford 500 • V8 2WD •

To hmac300, it does have the provision - when I bought it someone had simply taken the cast iron manifold off of a 390 - But the Edelbrock has the same mounting arangement.I'm aware of the fact that those engines were originally 2 barrels, but i'm thinking the primaries are so small on that Motorcraft that if I stay on them I should get at least for that motor and truck comparatively good mileage. The linkage does almost what you could call an S off of the pedal and its in one piece - I can connect it but the pedal is almost on the floor and what little travel there is does'nt actuate anything on the carb i've tried different settings as there are 2 adjustments you can make to no avail. The I believe, transmission kick down linkage does'nt reach at all - So what I need to find is someone with some hotrodding knowledge as this is obviously not a stock arangement - I do plan on towing a single axle trailer with an off road vehicle out on Hwy 8 east of San Diego into the desert and dune areas where there are some fairly long hills enroute so there the 600cfm would probably be welcome -
June 6, 2011.

Just sent him a message that you were knocking on his door.

The Medic

Jun 6, 2011.