1970 Dodge Charger • V8 2WD Automatic • 60,000 miles

1970 dodge charger will run if you hold key in start position
December 17, 2010.

No key on power to ignition, check the wires at the stater first then the switch itself.

Replace the balast resister. It is bypassed when the key is in the start position to allow hotter spark to the ignition system. When the key returns to the run position, the voltage is regulated through the ballast resistor to prevent the ignition system from wearing out too fast. It is a cheap part. I have attached a picture of it. It will be on the fire wall or the inner fender. Everything you explained identifies this as the problem. I've had old Dusters, Super Bees, Challangers. Never a Charger, but they all worked the same back then. If you want to sell it, let me know.

PS: Let me know if this fixes the problem.

Sorry, I forgot to attach the picture.

Dam thats a new one on me ive never seen a balast on and old mopar do that before can u explain how that works for me? And maybe you need to take a better look at the part your talking about.

He needs to make sure he has power at his coil when the key is in the on postion then go from there, the + side of the coil. And I hope were talking about a point dis.

On that balast bypass thing, is it done at the coil?Im not trying to be a smart ass, im just trying to learn somthing here.

Man I feal like compleat ******* dude your 100% right and I did learn something.I take it all back and I feal like I need to work on cars for another 30 years just to learn somthing so simple.

Chrysler used the ballast resister for years. My last Duster was a pain. I always kept a spare in the glove box. Its only purpose was to protect the points and condenser from burning out too fast. At start up, you want a hotter spark, so the resister was bypassed. As soon as the ignition key went to the run position (not start) the voltage was reduced through the ballast to save the ignition. It was really a simple set up and it worked. God I wish cars were that easy to work on today. I am so sick of sensors.

Take care. If you have been in the business for 30 years, we are close to the same age. If you are still working on cars, you know what I mean when I say I miss the old days.

Have a good new year!

PS: Redman82. If you get this message, did this take care of the problem?