1969 Pontiac GTO • V8 • 120,000 miles

I've got an older musclecar that due to family reasons has been in storage for three years. I'm concerned about the old gas as I filled the tank every year when putting it away to prevent rust in the tank. Is there anyway to revive old gas? The prospect of having to drain and dispose of 30 gallons of gas doesn't look great. Thanks, Dean Kamloops BC
April 19, 2011.

The only way I have done this is not with full tank, by adding more fresh gas. If you have electric pump on car you could trigger that to run and empty it. Or maybe same thing done with external thru filler pipe?

Apr 19, 2011.
Also, I have an '80 Volare with 45,000 miles and a '93 Dynasty with 4,100 miles. As you can see, they don't get driven much. The gas in the Volare is over five years old and it runs fine. I can't remember the last time I put gas in my Dynasty but it hasn't been licensed for over 15 years. It still runs fine but I have to put a new battery in it each time I want to start it.

You might find your car runs fine on that old gas. If it doesn't, run as much out as possible before adding new gas, otherwise a little bit of new gas will just get diluted and it will take a lot longer to get all the old stuff out.

Apr 19, 2011.