1967 Volkswagen Beetle • 100 miles

Have 1600 V.W. Engine and trans in a sandrail frame. My problem is when in what should be neutral car will roll but engine is still turning with tires. When put in any gear 1st thru 4 or reverse, and clutch is let out, car will not move, and of course dies. When I let the clutch out slowly it is like the emergency brake is on, it will not budge. Everything was working great until I found the kids sitting in it and playing with the shifter, then a few days later needed to move it and found this problem. I dont know if I should take the shifter apart or if it is in the trans itself. When moving the shifter you can see the linkage moving outside the shifter box. Please help Thank you.
Jim Dudzis
December 15, 2012.

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