Piston Ring Replacement

Step 4

Installing Piston Oil Separator Ring

The first piston ring to be installed is the oil separator ring. This ring is used to hold in place both oil wiper rings and is designed to allow engine oil on the cylinder walls to be removed and moved back into the oil pan via oil holes built into the piston. This ring doesn't need an installation tool.

Installed Piston Oil Separator Ring

Step 5

Once properly installed the individual oil wiper rings are ready to be installed. These rings are unidirectional with no top or bottom like many compression rings.

Oil Wiper Ring Installation

Each oil wiper ring is held in place by the oil separation ring that is securely mounted in the piston ring groove. These oil wiper rings reside at either end of the separator and are again, unidirectional. Be sure to reference the installation guide to ensure proper placement of the ring gaps.

Completed Piston Oil Ring Set

Once the assembly of the oil wiper ring combination is complete double check the ring gap location as sometimes they can turn without notice while the installing the additional oil wiper ring. Be sure the oil ring is free from carbon, dirt, grease or any debris of any kind. Now we are ready to install the first compression piston ring.



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Article first published (Updated 2014-04-09)