Tune up

Step 16 - After the right plug has been identified, with the correct gap measurement, gently insert the plug into the socket.

Insert New Spark Plug

Step 17 - Next, gently lower the spark plug down in to the plug well. This is an important step because if the plug is bounced, or dropped, it can close the plug gap or damage the plug causing a misfire or poor performance.

Insert Spark Plug Into Plug Well

Step 18 - Once successfully lowered into the plug well and rolled in by hand, attach a ratchet and tighten the plug. The tighten specification can vary, but a general rule of thumb is to crush the sealing ring about half way.

Tighten Spark Plug

Step 19 - After the spark plug is tight, reinstall the coil into the plug well, making sure the end of the coil is over the spark plug.

Reinstall Ignition Coil

Step 20 - Then, install the coil mounting bolt and tighten.

Tighten Coil Mounting Bolt


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Article first published (Updated 2013-11-28)