Tune up

Step 6 - A spark plug is used to ignite the fuel air mixture inside the engine's combustion chamber via the ignition coil. Begin by locating the spark plug and spark plug wire or coil, (COP, coil over plug.)

Spark Plug Location - Coil Over Plug (COP)

Step 7 - After the spark plugs have been located, remove the ignition coil electrical connector.

Remove Coil Connector

Step 8 - Once the electrical connector has been removed, located and remove the coil mounting bolt.

Removing Coil Mounting Bolt

Step 9 - Then, gently remove the ignition oil from the spark plug well, while talking note of any coil damage or motor oil. (Note: If motor oil is present the valve cover gaskets has failed.)

Removing Ignition Coil

Step 10 - After the coil has been removed, inspect the coil for dark or light markings which indicates electrical leakage failure and must be replaced.

Ignition Coil Removed


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Article first published (Updated 2013-11-28)