Automatic Transmission Service

Step 8 - After the funnel is in place new fluid can be installed

New Automatic Transmission Fluid

Step 9 - Install new transmission fluid to its proper level by using the dip stick. Start with 4 quarts and then recheck the system.

Installing New Transmission Fluid

Transmission Service with Pan and Filter Replacement

Some automatic transmissions have a service pan that houses the transmission filter. This transmission has a heat shield to keep heat from the exhaust away from the transmission. Some transmission pans have a fluid drain plug used to drain the fluid. Insert drain plug removal tool and turn counter clockwise. Loosen the drain plug until easily removed by hand. Some transmissions do not have a drain plug. In this case the fluid will exit when the transmission pan is removed.

Automatic Transmission Pan
Automatic Transmission Pan

Remove Drain Plug
Remove Drain Plug


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Article first published (Updated 2015-01-05)