Brake Shoe - Wheel Cylinder - Drum Replacement

Step 26 - Then, using a wrench or ratchet tighten the wheel cylinder mounting bolts.

Tighten Wheel Cylinder Mounting Bolts

Step 27 - After tightening the wheel cylinder mounting bolts, remove the cap which was previously installed and thread the brake line fitting into the cylinder by hand, this practice prevents damage to the threads.

Thread Wheel Cylinder Brake Line Fitting

Step 28 - Once the fitting has been threaded, use a line wrench to tighten the brake line onto the wheel cylinder.

Tighten Brake Line

Step 29 - Then, use a small screwdriver to remove the wheel cylinder bleeder cap, this will allow the brake fluid to be bled in later steps.

Remove Bleeder Cap

Step 30 - After installing the wheel cylinder (if needed), use a flat surface to initiate spring and e-brake lever swap onto the new shoes.

New Brake Shoes

Step 31 - Once the new brake shoes have been unboxed, match the warn brake shoes to the new brake set.

Matching Brake Shoes

Step 32 - After matching the brake shoe set, align the shoes and start removing brake springs and swapping them to the new shoe set.

Swap Brake Springs

Step 33 - Then, remove the parking brake lever/self adjuster from the old shoe.

Parking Brake Lever - Self Adjuster Removal

Step 34 - After the self adjuster has been removed, reset the adjuster by pushing the adjuster wheel away from the pin and install it onto the new shoe along with the mounting spring. (Note: Other systems require a screwing action to reset.)

Re-Set Self Adjuster

Step 35 - Once all necessary brake components have been swapped over to the new set, they are ready for installation.

New Brake Shoe Set

Step 36 - Before installing the new brake shoe set, use a pair of side cutters (dikes) to grip the parking brake spring holding it in place away from the cable end.

Grip Parking Brake Spring

Step 37 - After reconnecting the parking brake cable to the lever mounted on the brake shoe, reposition the shoe set onto the backing plate.

Installing New Brake Shoe Set

Step 38 - Next, while holding brake shoes in place, position and install the brake shoe retainer clips.

Install Brake Shoe Retainer Clips


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