Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement - Rear

Step 18 - Next, remove worn pad stabilizer clips from the caliper mounting bracket using a small screwdriver.

Remove Stabilizer Clip

Step 19 - After removing both upper and lower clips, install new clips, premium brake pad sets include these clips.

Install New Stabilizer Clips

Step 20 - Then, remove the brake pads from the box and match to the worn pads to ensure proper fit.

New Brake Pad Set

Step 21 - Install new brake pads into the caliper bracket while keeping the stabilizer clips in place.

Install New Brake Pads

Step 22 - Some brake calipers utilize a pressure clip which should be replaced if provided or damaged, these clips help hold the brake pads securely while not in use.

Install Pressure Clip

Step 23 - Next, install the brake caliper onto the brake pads, while retracting the brake caliper slides.

Installing Brake Caliper


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Article first published (Updated 2015-01-03)