Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement - Rear

Step 12 - After the rotor has been loosened, grasp it using both hands to remove. (Note: brake rotors can be heavy.)

Remove Brake Rotor

Step 13 - Match the old rotor to the new one, then clean the brake surfaces using brake cleaner.

Clean New Rotor

Step 14 - Then reinstall the rotor after cleaning the axle flange surface using a shop towel.

Installing New Brake Rotor

Step 15 - Install an old brake pad as a buffer between the tool and the caliper piston(s). Using a large "C" clamp or channel locks move the piston(s) inward until fully retracted. If a brake caliper utilizes a parking brake mechanism, a caliper reset tool is needed.

Retract Caliper

Step 16 - Once the caliper has been retracted, insert the caliper mounting bracket over the rotor.

Install Caliper Bracket

Step 17 - After fitting the caliper bracket into place, insert the mounting bolts and tighten.

Tighten Bracket Mounting Bolts


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Article first published (Updated 2015-01-03)