Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement - Front RWD

Step 31 - While holding the rotor and bearing hub together, flip the unit over and hold up on the brake rotor.

Flip Rotor and Hub

Step 32 - Install rotor mounting bolts while holding the rotor upward. Make sure all bolts are threaded in before tightening.

Reinstall Rotor Mounting Bolts

Step 32 - Using a impact wrench or socket wrench, tighten the mounting bolts evenly to ensure a square mount against the bearing hub.

Tighten Rotor Mounting Bolts

Step 33 - Next, layout the axle bearings, grease seal, spindle retainer and washer for cleaning.

Axle Bearings Grease Seal Spindle Washer Retainer

Step 34 - Once lined up clean each part using a shop towel. The old grease inside the bearing will be forced out in the next step.

Clean Axle Bearings Grease Seal Spindle Washer Retainer

Step 35 - Re-align components to be installed, ready for assembly.

Cleaned Axle Bearings Grease Seal Spindle Washer Retainer

Step 36 - Axle bearing grease is used to lubricate the axle bearing while in use.

Axle Bearing Grease

Step 37 - Scoop a hardy amount of grease out of the container and transfer it to the palm of the opposite hand. (This is where vinyl gloves come in handy.)

Grease Dollop

Step 38 - While grasping each bearing, thrust the grease into the bearing, while forcing the old grease out. Continue this action until both bearings are complete.

Packing Bearings

Step 39 - With an additional grease dollop, coat inner and outer bearing races.

Apply Grease

Step 40 - Once the grease has been applied, reinstall the inner bearing (cone down).

Install Inner Bearing

Step 41 - After the bearing has been installed, set the grease seal into place, (cone lip outward).

Set Grease Seal

Step 42 - Using flat bar stock or equivalent, hammer the seal into the bearing hub, continue until flush.

Grease Seal Installation

Step 43 - With a clean shop towel, wipe the outside surface of the bearing hub. (Note: Keep cleaner out from bearing area.)

Wipe Outer Surface

Step 44 - Then, using carburetor cleaner and a clean shop towel clean the rotor braking surface.

Cleaning Rotor Brake Surface

Step 45 - Next, gently turn the rotor assembly over and apply grease to the outer bearing race.

Grease Outer Bearing Race

Step 46 - Install the outer axle bearing (cone down) and seal with a layer of grease.

Install Outer Axle Bearing

Step 47 - Once the outer bearing has been installed, use a clean shop towel and cleaner to free the surface from grease and dirt, the assembly is ready to install.

Clean Rotor Braking Surface


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