Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement - Front FWD

Step 14 - Some brake pad applications involve anti-rattle clips which should be installed when provided.

Anti-Rattle Clips

Step 15 - Remove the old clips to install the new set.

Installing New Anti-Rattle Clips

Step 16 - Now, the new brake pads are ready for installation, be sure to install the pad with the sensor on the inboard side.

Installing Front Brake Pads

Step 17 - Before installing the brake caliper check the caliper slides by moving them in and out of the caliper mounting bracket. They should move smoothly, if not disassemble by pulling slides out to clean and lubricate.

Inspecting Caliper Slides

Step 18 - Once the brake pads have been installed, the brake caliper can be put back into place. (Note: clean and lube brake caliper slides if needed.)

Installing Brake Caliper


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Article first published (Updated 2015-01-03)