Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement - Front FWD

Step 4 - Once the wheel has been removed, loosen the caliper bolts and remove. Make sure the bolt threads are in good shape and replace if necessary.

Removing Both Caliper Mounting Bolts

Step 5 - Now, lift the brake caliper off the rotor and brake pads. Tie or secure the caliper, being careful not to bend or kink the brake caliper flex hose. Thoroughly inspect brake caliper and brake hoses for leakage, cracks or chaffing and replace as needed.

Removing Brake Caliper

Step 6 - Next, remove both brake pads.

Removing Brake Pads

Step 7 - Once the brake caliper has been removed, retract the caliper using a large "C" clamp or channel locks until fully depressed, use old brake pad to protect the caliper piston. Remove the master cylinder cap or open the brake caliper bleeder screw to allow excess brake fluid to be released if necessary.

Retracting Brake Caliper

Step 8 - Next, remove caliper bracket mounting bolts to allow the brake rotor to be replaced.

Removing Caliper Bracket Mounting Bolts


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Article first published (Updated 2015-01-03)