Idle Air Control Motor IAC Replacement

Step 6 - Once all coolant, vacuum hose and electrical connectors have been removed, remove the throttle bore mounting bolts.

Remove Throttle Bore Mounting Bolts

Step 7 - After removing all throttle bore bolts, gently pry the bore loose from the intake manifold. The idle air control valve is attached (bolted) at the bottom of the bore.

Throttle Bore - Idle Air Control Valve Removed

Step 8 - Once removed, hold the unit in a vise to stabilized the valve for removal.

Idle Air Control Valve

Step 9 - Using an impact screw driver to remove the idle air control valve mounting screws.

Removing Idle Air Control Mounting Screws

Step 10 - After the screws have been removed, gently pry the idle air control valve off of the throttle bore, be sure to remove the gasket as well, match up the old valve to the new unit.

New Idle Air Control Valve



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Article first published (Updated 2014-06-27)