Fuel Pump Replacement

Step 11 - Once the tank has been removed, disconnect fuel lines from the fuel pump.

Fuel Line Release Tool

Step 12 - Next, remove fuel pump mounting bolts which hold the pump to the fuel tank.

Removing Fuel Pump Mounting Bolts

Step 13 - After the mounting bolts have been removed, use a standard screwdriver to gently pry off the fuel pump cover or housing.

Cover Removed Exposing Fuel Pump

Step 14 - Next, Release the fuel pump retainer clips if any. Most models are designed with the fuel pump connected to the cover plate.

Releasing Fuel Pump Retainer Clips

Step 15 - Once the fuel pump retainer clip has been released, gently lift the pump from the fuel tank. Most pump units incorporate the fuel level sender as well.

Fuel Pump Removed

Step 16 - After the fuel pump has been removed use a flashlight to inspect the tank for debris and clean as needed. (Note: A small amount of debris is normal.)

Fuel Tank Inspection


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Article first published (Updated 2015-01-07)