Starter Motor Replacement

Step 11 - After all starter bolts have been installed, use a socket or wrench to tighten evenly.

Tightening Starter Mounting Bolts

Step 12 - After tightening mounting bolts, insert the positive battery cable onto the starter solenoid.

Installing Positive Battery Cable

Step 13 - Grasp the starter trigger wire and insert in onto the starter solenoid.

Installing Starter Trigger Wire

Step 14 - Reinstall both positive battery, and trigger wire mounting nuts by hand to avoid cross threading.

Installing Wiring Nuts

Step 15 - Use a wrench or socket to tighten both, positive battery cable and trigger wire, do not to over tighten to avoid breaking the solenoid end cap.

Tighten Starter Mounting Bolts


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Article first published (Updated 2014-03-01)