Starter Motor Replacement

Step 6 - Once the wiring has been removed, locate the starter mounting (2 or 3) bolts and remove them. (Note: The starter will become free from the bell housing, it weighs a few pounds.)

Removing Starter Mounting Bolts

Step 7 - After removing the starter motor mounting bolts, grasp the starter and remove it from the bell housing area, take this opportunity to inspect the flywheel gear condition.

Remove Starter

Step 8 - Once the old starter has been removed, match the replacement unit to ensure a proper installation.

New Starter

Step 9 - After cleaning the mounting surfaces thoroughly, gently install the starter motor. (Note: Starters contain magnets which are brittle and can crack hindering the starter performance if not handled carefully.)

Installing New Starter Motor

Step 10 - Position the starter into the transmission bell housing, insert the mounting bolts and thread by hand.

Installing Starter Mounting Bolts


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Article first published (Updated 2014-03-01)