Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement MAF

Step 6 - After the sensor has been removed, inspect internal parts and electrical connector for damage.

Mass Air Flow Removed

Step 7 - Then, compare the old sensor to the replacement unit, they should match identically. (Note: remove dust caps before installation.)

New Mass Air Flow Sensor

Step 8 - Gently reinstall the sensor into the inlet and outlet tubes, ensuring a proper seal between the sensor and the tube.

Reinstalling Mass Air Flow Sensor

Step 9 - After connecting the sensor to both inlet and outlet tubes, tighten the clamp and attach the clips.

Reinstall Clamp and Tighten

Step 10 - Then, reattach the sensor electrical connector ensuring a small click, when completely connected.

Reinstall Electrical Connector


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Article first published (Updated 2014-07-22)