Window Motor Replacement

Step 9 - Removing Window Motor and Regulator

Removing Window Regulator Mounting Bolts
Removing Window Regulator Mounting Bolts

Remove all window mounting and regulator mounting bolts.

Step 10 - Remove Window Regulator

Removing Window Regulator
Removing Window Regulator

Remove window regulator after all of the window and window regulator mounting bolts have been removed.

Step 11 - Identify Window Regulator

Match Old Window Regulator to the New Unit
Match Old Window Regulator to the New Unit

After the window regulator has been removed thoroughly inspect and match the old window regulator to the new window regulator. Make sure all mounting bolts and window motor are in the exact same location. Reinstall new window regulator and reassemble door. There are minor adjustments for the window rails to reposition the window. Check the window operation and look for hard spots and clicking noises when the window is traveling up or down. A minor adjust may be required.

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Common Problems

  • The window motor shorts out and stops working or works very slowly
  • The window control switch short circuits due to excessive amperage draw
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