Oil Change and Filter

Step 18 - Using a small amount of engine oil, lubricate the O ring seal which helps installation.

Lubricate O Ring Seal

Step 19 - Install the oil filter assembly by tightening the housing. This action can be done by hand, the final tighten by hand also. (Note: Make sure the used oil filter gasket is removed from the area before installation.)

Install Oil Filter Housing

Step 20 - Once the oil filter has been tightened, use a shop towel to wipe down the area.

Wipe Clean

Step 21 - After the engine oil has been drained and filter changed, reinstall any plastic shielding

Remove Engine Oil Fill Cap

Step 22 - Then, install an oil funnel to assist the motor oil installation.

Oil Funnel

Step 23 - Pour the appropriate amount of motor oil into the oil fill port, which can vary from 4 to 10 quarts.

Installing Motor Oil


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Article first published (Updated 2013-10-26)