Oil Change and Filter

Step 12 - The oil filter will then separate from the filter housing or block location.

Canister Oil Filter Removed

Step 13 - After the used oil filter has been removed from the engine, grasp the filter from the housing and separate. (Canister filters only.)

Used Oil Filter

Step 14 - Compare the used oil filter to the new one making sure size is the same. Conventional oil filter must check mounting thread size and sealing gasket configuration.

Compare Oil Filters

Step 15 - Push the new filter cartridge into place in the housing.

Installing Oil Filter Cartridge

Step 16 - Once the new filter cartridge is installed, remove the old sealing O ring from the housing.

Remove Oil Ring Seal

Step 17 - After using a shop towel to clean the housing, install the new O ring seal and wipe clean.

Install New O Ring Seal


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Article first published (Updated 2013-10-26)