Oil Change and Filter

Step 6 - After the oil has finish draining, use a shop towel to wipe away any excess oil and debris from the drain plug washer sealing surface.

Shop Towel

Step 7 - Once the surface has been cleaned, inspect the oil drain plug and washer for wear and replace if needed, thread the drain plug in by hand.

Reinstall Oil Pan Drain Plug

Step 8 -  Next, tighten the plug using a wrench or socket and ratchet, do not over tighten.

Tighten Oil Drain Plug

Step 9 - After the drain plug is tight, use a shop towel to wipe clean the drain plug area.

Clean Drain Plug Area

Step 10 - Then, locate the oil filter or oil filter housing (some oil filters are located on the top of the engine.) Oil filters are manufacturered in two different styles, canister and conventional. Use an oil filter wrench or large channel locks turn the filter housing counterclockwise.

Loosen Oil Filter Housing

Step 11 - Once loose, continue to loosen the oil filter, oil will begin to leak out, have a fluid catch basin ready.

Remove Oil Filter Housing


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Article first published (Updated 2013-10-26)