Air Cabin Filter Replacement

Step 4 - After the old filter has been removed, install new filter.

Installing New air Cabin Filter

Step 5 - Once filters are installed correctly, reinstall the retainer bracket.

Installing Retainer Bracket

Step 6 - Install retainer bolt.

Reinstalling Retainer Bolt

Step 7 - After the installation of the filters are complete reinstall lower cover

Installing Lower Cover

Helpful Information - When you turn on the air conditioner or heater the air cabin filter is put into action. Like any filter it becomes dirty inhibiting the air flow through the vents. When the air cabin filter gets plugged less air can pass through until no air flow is experienced. Replacing a car's air cabin filter is relatively simple and can be performed in a few minutes with minor tools in most cases. To replace the cabin filter, first locate the air cabin filter housing; its usually under the dash on the passenger side or under the hood near the right side of the cowl.  If you cannot locate the air cabin filter in your car please consult the car's owner's manual. Some cars are not equipped with an air cabin filter so don't be alarmed if you cannot find it.  Air cabin filters are similar to engine air filters but cabin filters have improved filtering qualities. Typically these filters need to replaced between 30,000 and 60,000 miles depending on driving conditions. To determine if your cabin filter needs to be changed, remove the filter housing retainer clips or screws and remove the filter, gently tap the filter, if you see dust falling from the air cabin filter it's filled to capacity and needs to be replaced.

Common Problems

  • Filter becomes plugged not allowing air flow into the vehicle cabin.
  • Filter retains moisture creating mildew odors.
Best Practices

  • Always inspect filter at regular intervals
  • Replace filter more frequently if driven in dusty areas


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