Trouble Code Read

Step 5 - Once the ignition power has been turned "ON", the code reader will power up and display the welcome screen.

Reader Power On

Step 6 - After the reader has powered up, follow the prompt and select "read codes".

Select Read Codes

Step 7 - Next, the reader will enter "gather codes" mode which will retrieve any codes the computer has stored.

Gathering Codes

Step 8 - Within a few minutes the reader will display trouble codes which denotes the system or sensor that has malfunctioned. In this case PO336 is a crankshaft angle sensor failure.

Retrieved Trouble Code

Step 9 - Once the codes have been displayed the reader will give an option of clearing the code which is done by pressing the "clear" button. After pushing the button the reader will erase all codes present in the computer.

Clear Trouble Codes


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Article first published (Updated 2015-01-06)