Term Abbreviations

Automobile Abbreviation Terms Starting with "K"

KAPWR - Keep Alive Power

k/ohms - kilo-ohms (1000 ohms)

kg - kilograms (weight)

kg/cm - Kilograms Per Square Centimeter

kHz - Kilohertz

Km - Kilometers

KM/H - Kilometers Per Hour

KOEC - Key On, Engine Cranking

KOEO - Key On, Engine Off

KOER - Key On, Engine Running

kPa - Kilopascals

KS - Knock Sensor

kV - Kilovolt

kW - Kilowatt

Automobile Repair Abbreviation Terms Starting with the Letter "L"

L - Liter

lbs. - Pounds

lb./ft. - Pound Feet

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

L/D - Light Duty

LED - Light Emitting Diode

LHD - Left-Hand Drive

LTFT - Long Term Fuel Trim

LWB - Long Wheel-Base

Vehicle Abbreviation Starting with "M"

mA - Milliamps

MA/MAF - Mass Air Flow

MAFS - Mass Air Flow Sensor

MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure

MAT - Manifold Air Temperature

MCS - Mixture Control Solenoid

MCT - Manifold Charge Temperature

Mem. - Memory

MEM/CAL - Memory Calibration Chip

mfd. - Microfarads

MFI - Multiport Fuel Injection

MIL - Malfunction Indicator Light

mm - Millimeters

MPG - Miles Per Gallon

MPH - Miles Per Hour

MPI - Multi-Point (Fuel) Injection

MPV - Multi-Purpose Vehicle

ms - Millisecond

mV - Millivolts

Auto Abbreviation Beginning with "N"

NA - Not Available

NGC - New Generation Controller

NGS - New Generation Star

N.m - Newton Meter

No. - Number

Nos. - Numbers

NOx - Oxides of Nitrogen

NVRAM - Nonvolatile Random Access Memory

Car Abbreviation Beginning with the Letter "O"

O2 - Oxygen

O2S - Oxygen Sensor

OBD - On-board Diagnostics

OBD I - On-board Diagnostics One

OBD II - On-board Diagnostics Two

OBD III - On-board Diagnostics Three

OC - Oxidation Catalyst

OD - Overdrive

O.D. - Outside Diameter

OE - Original Equipment

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

OHC - Over Head Camshaft

OHV - Over Head Valve

O/S - Oversize

OS - Oxygen Sensor

oz. - Ounce

ozs. - Ounces

Automobile Repair Abbreviation Terms Starting with the Letter "P"

P - Park

P/B - Power Bakes

P/C - Printed Circuit

P/N - Part Number

PA - Pressure Air

PAIR - Pulsed Secondary Air Injection

PAS - Power-Assisted Steering

PCM - Powertrain Control Module (sometimes referred to as ECM engine control module)

PCS/PC/SOL - Purge Control Solenoid

PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation

PECV - Power Enrichment Control Valve

PFI - Port Fuel Injection

PGM-FI - Programmed Fuel Injection

PID - Parameter Identification

PIP - Profile ignition pick-up

PNP - Park Neutral Position Switch

P/N - Park/Neutral

PPM - Parts Per Million

PRNDL - Park Reverse Neutral Drive Low

PROM - Program Read Only Memory (chip)

P/S - Power Steering

PSI - Pounds Per Square Inch

PSP - Power Steering Pressure

PSPS - Power Steering Pressure Switch

pts. - Pints

PTC - Pending Trouble Code

PTC - Positive temperature coefficient Additional : This is applied to the way the resistance of a thermistor varies with temperature. In this case, the resistance will increase as the temperature raises

PTO - Power Take-Off

Pwr. - Power

PWR - Power to Weight Ratio

Vehicle Abbreviation Terms beginning with the letter "Q"

Qts. - Quarts

Auto Term Abbreviations Starting with the letter "R"

R/A - Resume or Accelerate

RABS - Rear Anti-lock Brake System

RAC - Remote Accessory Controller

RAM - Random Access Memory

RAM - Ride Air Module

RAM - Remote Anti-theft Module

RAP - Retained Access Power

RAV - Remote Activation Verification

RBC - Rotary Blade Coupling

RCC - Rear Climate Control

RCC - Remote Climate Control

RCM - Restraint Control Module

RCDLR - Remote Control Door Lock Receiver

RDCM - Right Door Control Module

RDM - Rear Door Module

RDS - Radio (broadcast) Data System

RDS - Radio Display System

REC - Receive

RECAL - Recalibrate, Recalibration

RECIRC - Recirculation

RECIS - Remote Entry Control and Immobilizer System

REDOX - Reduction Oxidation Catalytic Converter

REEGR - Rotary Electric EGR

REF - Reference

RESC - Remote Emergency Satellite Unit

REX - Rear Exchanger

RF - Radio Frequency

RF - Right Front

RFA - Remote Function Actuator

RFF - Roller Finger Followers

RFI - Radio Frequency Interference

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

RFWS - Right Front Wheel Speed

RH - Right Hand

RIM - Radio Interface Module

RIM - Rear Integration Module

RKE - Remote Keyless Entry

Rly - Relay

RM - Relay Module

RMD - Right Mid Door

ROM - Read Only Memory

RPA - Rear Parking Assist

RPM - Revolutions Per Minute

RPM - Remote Power Module

RPO - Regular Production Option

R&R - Remove and Replace

RR - Right Rear

RRD - Right Rear Door

RSA - Rear Seat Audio

RSC - Roll Stability Control

RSS - Reverse Sensing System

RSS - Road Sensing Suspension

R/T - Road/Track

RT - Right

RTC - Real?Time Clock

RTD - Real Time Dampening

RTN - Return

RTT - Reconfigurable Telltale

RTTP - Rotunda Technician Tool Program

RTV - Room Temperature Vulcanizing

RV - Recreational Vehicle

RVAC - Rear Video/Audi/HVAC Module

RVP - Reid Vapor Pressure

RWAL - Rear Wheel Anti-lock

RWD - Rear Wheel Drive

RWS - Rear Wheel Steer


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